Our hope is that you can connect with Jesus. You’re going to hear about Jesus in a way that makes sense, we’re going to sing songs that you’ll get the hang of, we’ll celebrate Jesus through a meal he gave us, and we’re going to ask God for help.
You can come as you are – because that’s how Jesus already loves you!
Bring your coffee in, We like coffee
Come Join us!

To Connect With our Community

Please visit our welcome table/room, ask questions, get some info, grab a visitor’s gift bag, and join us between services in Building B!  
Everyone is invited to our Fellowship Time after first service to meet a leader and have a chance to ask questions, hear about SCC, etc.

To Connect With Your family

First, check your child(ren) in at the SCC Kids check-in desk.  If it’s your first time with us, our friendly SCC Kids volunteer staff will help you out!  They’ll show you around if you’re curious, and warmly welcome your child into his or her age-specific classroom.  Then you can find your way into Building A.
(grab some coffee first if you want).

We’d love for you to join us this Sunday!

First Service - 9:00am 
Second Service - 10:30am

Join us at 190 Day Drive, Sebastian, FL